Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015

We live in a world where food is not actually food in most cases, as it fails to provide us the nutrients our body needs. In this modern, sophisticated, machine age, the common hunger and desire to produce more in a short time, some food manufacturers started to use specific ingredients in food production that are not in the benefit of the consumer. They use genetically modified organisms, because they usually have a faster development rate than organic products, and use great amount of chemicals and consequently offer a bigger shelf life to the products. So, such foods look great, taste great, but have low nutritional values and can even put our health and wellbeing in danger.


Many discussions and debates started from the fact that we are not aware of what we eat, the food that is available in many stores and eateries is getting us ill. Obesity is starting to be considered a plague, because it does not affect just the adults, but also the children. Our future generation is starting to be sick before it even reaches adulthood. Also, because of the growth hormones injected in fruits and vegetables, so that they reach maturity faster in order to be sold sooner, children reach puberty much faster and their bodies develop unusually. For instance, boys tend to grow something similar to breasts, their chest not remaining flat as it should be in the case of men. Yes, it is partially because of weight gain, but it is also due to these growth hormones. So, under these circumstances, shouldn’t we be much better informed when it comes to the food we eat? Shouldn’t food manufacturers honestly mention all the things they use for making the food we eat?

The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 (H.R. 1599), also known as the DARK Act (the Deny Americans the Right to Know act), is not what it may seem to be. Its name may suggest that we will finally have correct labels on our food, knowing what we eat and having the right to choose what to eat. Genetically modified organisms were developed out of the reason to create varieties of plants that are more resistant, to pests and diseases, and more productive, so that food manufacturers can meet the high demand on the market. But, scientific studies proved that these GMOs are also highly dangerous for our health, if we consume them in a constant manner. Even so, many food manufacturers still use GMO as raw materials for their food products, without mentioning this aspect on the product’s label. So, how do we know what we eat? Well, we don’t know, because no one admits on the product’s label whether the company used or not GMOs. Only a few manufacturers that do not use GMOs have the courage to state on their label that their product is GMO-free. But, in the rest of the cases, and most of the products we find in stores, there is no statement concerning the use of GMOs in the manufacturing process.

So, instead of helping us, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 is denying the Americans the right to know what are served on their tables. We just managed to do some progress concerning the correct labeling of products that contain genetically engineered ingredients, after years of struggles, this act putting in jeopardy all these progresses. If this act will end up being voted, Americans can forget all about honest and correct food labeling, because all the labeling that will be done under the DARK Act would favor corporations and the scientific part of the food industry. It will be just havoc everywhere, this same thing is heavily condemned by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard plus other House members like Peter DeFazio (D-OR), Nita Lowey (D-NY), Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Peter Welch (D-VT), Chellie Pingree (D-ME), and Ann McLane Kuster (D-NH). This DARK act will bring sheer darkness to the individual and community’s well being.

Tulsi’s magnanimous personality is truly an inspiration to follow, she leads by example. There is a couple of videos where Tulsi is seen speaking to people, she has such a voice of conviction- It is a perfect example of leadership, responsibility, concern and community well-being

Tulsi Gabbard’s voice is the combined voice of 90% of Americans who want their foods and commodities should be labeled. Tulsi advocates that the corporations should be true to their consumers. The citizens should be informed of what they are taking inside their precious bodies. It is a right to know about the product. A real representative of people, Tulsi Gabbard has strongly opposed this bill as it will definitely plague the transparency, consumer rights and democracy. The meaning of freedom will be lost and it will be another ticket to dominate people’s right and making them puppet in the hands of multi-billion dollar food industries.

The intelligence and sensitiveness of Tulsi Gabbard is always evident from her actions and thinking pattern. A dynamic Tulsi Gabbard is well devoted to the spirit of Aloha, meaning service to mankind by means of affection, compassion and peace. Tulsi’s spirit is undying, she is just amazing in the house – she also advocated for the Helping Hero Fly Act. She is just a person with a true heart, always thinking well being of others.

Hawaii representative Tulsi Gabbard has also tried for amendments that will strengthen consumer protection. As per the bill of H.R. 5485, it will protect American consumers and families from banks, lenders, and other financial companies at risk. A politician with a big heart Tulsi Gabbard has also long supported true financial reforms.

In regard to the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, no one will have to mention the use of any engineered ingredients, creating obscure labels which most people don’t even understand. What will happen? We will continue to put our health in danger, by not knowing what we eat. And since we cannot stop eating and it will be hard to avoid such products, because we won’t know how to make the difference, we will all continue to eat GMOs and other genetically engineered food products. Doctors and health experts wont be able to figure out what is root cause of any possible ailments.

If you think that it is not wrong to eat an organism that is more resistant from a genetic point of view, think again and do some research about GMOs. These organisms have their genetics, the DNA structure, modified, so they may look normal, but their structure is not as it should be. This is the same thing that Tulsi is trying to make it by her genuine attempts. How can they affect us? Consuming GMOs can also lead to DNA mutations in our body, which always results in triggering severe illnesses, like cancer. Cancer, in all its forms, is caused by mutations in our DNA structure. A genuine Tulsi Gabbard has already shown huge effort on this bill to protect human rights and encourage the true meaning of democracy. Everybody caries the risk-genes in their genetic code, but if nothing disturbs the structure, we remain healthy throughout our entire life. Still, if a mutation occurs, such mutations also being influenced by the nutrients we introduce in the body, then the risk of developing such diseases grows significantly. Tulsi Gabbard rightly said – “So, most certainly, now you would want to know what you eat, after all. Any law that is made to regulate food manufacturing should support and protect the rights of the consumer, and not the rights of the manufacturer.” Some of them are trying to make as much profit as possible, feeding us products that make us ill, not carrying about quality and safety.

If the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 becomes active, food manufacturers will not be obliged to state on their product labels if there are any GMOs in the composition or not. Tulsi Gabbard stated, in so many countries already there is an act that obliges such specifications to be made on the labels of food products along with the mention of nutritional values of the product. We should not be indifferent about what we eat and we should have the possibility of choosing what we eat. How to do this? By being informed of what the food we purchase contains. This is possible with the help of a transparent and honest product label. We should not allow the DARK Act to exist, because it comes in contradiction with our right to know what we eat.

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The Death of Happiness, Real and Apparent

No work, no reward.

It’s an age old saying that no one pays attention to anymore. Society needs to realize that it is raising a generation of people that do not understand the simple concept of work vs. reward. The real happiness is harder to attain when there is no work involved in getting it.

As we have learned it is not so much about the destination as it is the getting there, the new generations must learn that just because they live in a world where almost everything is available with minimal effort (except money) this doesn’t mean they should only make the minimal effort. “Happiness” is available in an online order, a home delivery, or a phone call away. But as the bar for happiness is continually lowered via its easier and easier attainability, so the experience of happiness is continually dimmed. When having movies, music, food, etc., is available at people’s fingertips, they don’t have to put in any effort to get it. As people are conditioned more and more to have what they want, when they want it, and right away, they become increasingly numb to what it is they want. The things that keep coming faster and faster to them, with less and less work, these things start to satisfy them less and less, and they begin to realize the secret to true happiness.

Since everyone wants to be happy, this shouldn’t be the case. If you can understand when want to watch a movie but do not want to drive to a theater, it is available at the click of a button. This should be great news right? It means you can have what you want instantly. Instant gratification of your desires. And when your desires are gratified, this equals happiness right?

looking for happiness in wrong place

Well, it doesn’t. The problem with happiness is that we are looking for it in all the wrong places, much like love in the Johnny Lee song. And this problem arises from a misunderstanding, or lack of understanding of one’s true identity.

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Wrong Place , Wrong Time ?

I was listening to a news reader announcing the tragic death of a young man early that very morning. Even though it was his day off, he had taken the place of his work mate and in the course of the morning had fallen to his death. The news reader concluded the item by saying, ‘He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Recently a young man was killed by four assailants who initially only wanted to rob him. It was the early hours of the morning and the man in question was at a money machine getting cash for a taxi home. Because it was very unusual for him to be both alone and in a strange part of the city his death was described as, ‘Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.’

A small girl sitting in her bedroom in an inner city somewhere in the United States is killed by cross fire from two warring gangs. Wrong place wrong time.

This phrase gets repeated over and over and somehow suggests that if this person was actually somewhere else they would still be alive. That somehow fate has dealt them a nasty hand that they shouldn’t have had until some other time in the future. But actually every action that happens is calculated and accurate. There are no mistakes.

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What is Real Love?

Love in Separation

By Prof. N.K. Sanyal M.A.

As published in The Harmonist (Sree Sajjanatoshani)

Let us begin by examining the connotation of the word ‘love’. ‘Love’ is distinguished from ‘lust’, the latter meaning the sensual propensity which is purely an affair of the flesh. The word ‘love’ does not carry any such notoriety. It is distinguishable from ‘lust’ by the qualities of constancy to a particular individual and the subordination of sexuality to intellectual, moral and artistic considerations. It is, however, in its essence, the instinctive attraction between persons of opposite sexes, intensified and particularised. In a wider sense the word ‘love’ is also used to denote sentiment which is very similar to that of active friendship and good-will towards other entities irrespective of sex.

Friendship Day 2015

It is this uncertain connotation of the word ‘love’ that is often exploited for confusing the issue when the word is used as the synonym of spiritual activity. In the Vaishnava literature the corresponding word is ‘prema‘ which also does not always carry a distinct reference to the sex. But there is also the use of the word in the specific sense of sexual attraction. It is the purpose of this short paper to ascertain the exact sense in which the word ‘prema‘ and that form of it which is called ‘biraha‘ or love-in-separation is used in the Vaishnava literature.

The title of this article is “love in separation”. Taking the word love to mean sexual attraction of the refined type, the phrase indicates the condition of a lover separated from his sweet heart, or vice versa, by the interval of space. The phrase does not usually mean separation that is not due to interval of space but merely due to lapse of time. For example a widow is not considered to be in a state of love in separation from her dead husband. Love in separation, therefore, implies also the expectation as well as the possibility re-union. It is, of course, possible by faith in a corresponding eschatology for a widow to suppose that she will be re-united with her departed husband in the long run. But unless also the sexual expectation is encouraged by such eschatology, the condition of a widow should not properly be described as one of love in separation.

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Underneath the Fast Modern Lifestyle

We believe that we are the citizens of this modern world. With all modern and advanced amenities in our reach, we are able to lead a modern life – in other words, the term ‘modern’ is understood as easy, comfortable or happy life. However, taking a serious look, are we leading an easy life, or a happy life? Modern age has its own contribution to the society. Everything is so fast in this modern age. Let us look at the so-called modern things:

Fast food:
The introduction of fast food was built on the idea that people will have no time to cook or even eat, so delicious food can be prepared and served from easy ingredients and they can be gobbled up fast.
However, on the other side, the effects of these foods are very serious on the body. Thanks to the modern health advocates, who highlighted the real effects of these modern delicious foods and termed it as ‘junk food’ to spread awareness. Actually, it is very difficult for all of us to resist the temptation, but it is too torturing for the stomach. I have read a couple of research papers regarding the impacts and the unhygienic methods used to manufacture the ingredients. One of the case study was on the burger, they were made to self-decompose and left in the open air, but it didn’t change their texture and shape for weeks, on the contrary, a natural fruit like watermelon, apple or orange, they just got rotten and completely decomposed in a couple of days.
There are even other serious articles on fast food, they make you obese, develop complex diseases, early age stomach problems and so on.

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How Films & TV influence the Mind and Culture

If you see the television or movies of today, you might think that what they show is true and develop some perceptions regarding something. Things like setting up nation against nation, team against team, how women are to be looked as sex objects and the more fair & better body the woman has, the more attractive she is. How a person who has big muscles,  smashes people, smokes cigarettes in style, picks up girls at the bar is a cool dude and so on.

For example TV ads which keep on promoting fairer looks for women saying how fair girls are more attractive to men and so on. Thus trying to put into innocent young girls that they need to look fair and apply fairness cream or else they are not wanted. Same goes for how thin and perfectly shaped women body is desirable and how such & such product will transform your life. The video below shows all varieties of message that the beauty industry tries to communicate to young girls.


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