5 Proven Techniques That Help in Immunity Boosting

It can be tempting to find the easiest way possible to boost your immune system, but the truth is, our immune system is just that – a system, instead of being a single organ in our body. The state of our immune system comes from a multitude of factors that it can be hard to pinpoint a single factor to boost it, and instead of looking at ways to boost the strength as a whole.

Yes, even with our immune system remains as an enigma, researchers agree that our immune system can be boosted and improve from multiple factors and done right. You can restore and maintain the strength of your immunity in a short time. Hence, in this article, I will show you the techniques and foods you need to take regularly to boost immune system.

At this trying time, we can all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic affects us harder than we might expect and suddenly, a lot of us are looking for ways to boost our immunity for good measure. After all, it’s known that people with compromised immunity should strictly safeguard themselves to protect against the virus as the consequences can be devastating – and can be deadly.

There are a number of ways that can be done to boost the strength of our immune system, notably by eating the right foods, taking vitamin supplements for extra precaution, as well as practicing good hygiene habits to ensure we stay protected from both common germs and the virus itself.

How I used immune system booster technique to boost my immunity

Believe it or not, to boost your immune system does not require hard work – only consistency in doing them is needed.

  • Getting enough sleep

For a start, getting enough sleep on a nightly basis is hard for most of us, but can certainly give your immune a nice boost in strength. As your body gets enough rest consistently, the organs have ample time to repair what’s needed and heal inflammation within the body, boosting the immune system along the way.

  • Regular exercising

Committing to regular exercises, not only strengthens your body physically wise, but the routine also benefits your immune system, making it function more effectively. Don’t take my word for it – there’s a noticeable tendency of people suffering from life-threatening diseases (such as cancer) that don’t detect anything unusual until it’s too late, compared to an active person.

  • Avoid bad habits and stress that can compromise your immune system


Apart from including healthy habits as ways to boost your immune system, it would help if you also lookout to avoid bad habits in order to prevent your immunity from being compromised.

You can start by staying away from high-risk places/circumstances where pathogens, viruses, or contamination can be a huge factor (for example, moving through crowded places) and wear protective gear to protect yourself from such risks. Managing your stress effectively is also proven to be beneficial in maintaining your immune system’s state as the stress hormone cortisol is proven to suppress your immunity.

You can certainly try any one of the techniques above to boost your immune system. Still, I highly recommend that you combine all of the steps mentioned to see immediate, effective results. And of course, the steps mentioned will certainly help if you support it with the most significant factor in boosting your immune system, and that is food.

Food as our immunity boosters

Source: wwmedgroup.com

  • Adding foods that are known to boost your immunity

What we eat affects our health in a lot of ways (and certainly not just our waistline), and one of them is your immune system. Adding foods that are known to be a kind of “immune boosters” can certainly take your protection to the next level and ensuring your body is in good shape.

Citrus-based fruits such as oranges, lemon, and tangerine; vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, as well as ginger, almond nuts, honey, and turmeric are well-known to have anti-bacterial properties (notably from high vitamin C content) that are beneficial to counter any bacteria and/or pathogen inside your body. Apart from easily and widely available, the food listed here can provide near-instant results in boosting your immune system, as much as within a week if you include vegetarian diet in your daily meal.

  • Add vitamin supplements if necessary

Of course, you can add vitamin supplements in your diet if you have trouble to get the foods listed on a daily basis but whenever you can, I highly encourage you to get the nutrients needed in the form of whole foods as they’re better for your well-being, and that includes your immune system.


In conclusion, combining food with proven techniques listed to boost your immune system is better than relying on one or two factors alone, such as relying on supplements and ignoring healthy habits altogether. As our immune system is a system and requires a multitude of approaches, it’s best to apply all aspects, as mentioned in this article, to ensure your immune system stays top-notch.

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