How Films & TV influence the Mind and Culture

If you see the television or movies of today, you might think that what they show is true and develop some perceptions regarding something. Things like setting up nation against nation, team against team, how women are to be looked as sex objects and the more fair & better body the woman has, the more attractive she is. How a person who has big muscles,  smashes people, smokes cigarettes in style, picks up girls at the bar is a cool dude and so on.

For example TV ads which keep on promoting fairer looks for women saying how fair girls are more attractive to men and so on. Thus trying to put into innocent young girls that they need to look fair and apply fairness cream or else they are not wanted. Same goes for how thin and perfectly shaped women body is desirable and how such & such product will transform your life. The video below shows all varieties of message that the beauty industry tries to communicate to young girls. Continue reading “How Films & TV influence the Mind and Culture”